Top 7 Signs That Your Rental Does Not Attract Guests

It’s listing season at the Delaware Beaches for vacation rental property management! That means there’s a mad scramble about to go down – and we’re not talking about the scrapple at Jimmy’s Grille! We’re referring of course to the annual shuffling of the  Rehoboth vacation rental properties among management companies. While considering which Agency to sign with for 2017, consider your rates and occupancy. Have you been happy with it? Read on for some tips on things that may be deterring guests from booking, or coming back.

You may have tried managing your property yourself. How is that full time job working for ya? Did you also know that municipalities are introducing vacation rental ordinances that require a local contact available within 15 minutes 24×7? Can you do that yourself?

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Read on for Our Top 7 Signs That Your Rental Does Not Attract Guests

Top 7 Signs That Your Rental Does Not Attract Guests

7. Hospitality Matters.

Look at your property from a guest’s eyes. A vacationing guest that may have to do some work while on vacation (modern lifestyles!). Get the basics right – free high speed WiFi and docking stations for mobile equipment, for example. When you sit on a chair, is it comfortable? Is there a reading lamp? Side table to put a glass of wine down? Does the dining table seating capacity match the sleeping capacity of the house? Are the beds comfortable? Do you provide pillows in options of firmness? Are bed spreads and blankets ‘tasteful’ and practical to launder? Is the kitchen well stocked with equipment? Are there towel rails and hooks in the bathrooms? Provide extras such as beach chairs and umbrellas. Label the remote controls and light switches so guests don’t get confused in a strange home. Leave a light on for check in days. A guest could be arriving late in the dark. Ensure the A/C or heating is on in plenty of time for guest arrivals. Personalize the guest check in if the guest has mentioned a specific reason that they’re visiting. Make adequate arrangements for parking. Your guests will be bringing cars. A lot.

6. Occupancy Not Set Right First Time.

Forget mega-mansions. You do not need to sleep 15 plus to get a good return on your investment. Who wants that headache? Far better to allow your Rental Agent to put larger groups into adjacent properties than cram too many into yours. There is a sweet spot in terms of occupancy, and if you call us in for a consult we’ll tell ya! Call us on (302) 381-6182 or email to set up a free consult.

5. Outside and Inside Not Consistent.

When I was a kid I used to play a game. “What would you prefer, a nice house on the outside, or on the inside?” I would always answer both. When staging your property for rental don’t forget to set a consistent tone indoors and out. Landscaping matters. Keep it simple and functional for a property that you may not personally visit for months at a time. Hire a local landscaper to maintain the grounds – weeding, grass cutting, deck maintenance and so on. And, if you’re at the beach – put in bicycle racks, outdoor showers and more. Have someone come once a month to clean the windows inside and out.

4. Copy.

Words matter. Feel free to bring out your personality and your property’s personality in your descriptions. Tell a story. In as few words as possible tell me why I should be renting your property for my valuable vacation time? Is the property near any Rehoboth beaches? Play to the strengths and uniqueness of your property and resort area. Brand your property.

3. Photographs.

A picture tells a story. It’s worth a thousand words (of copy). Don’t be cheap. Allow your Agent to hire a professional photographer. It’s worth the initial investment. Yes one may get wonderful photos on an I-Phone, but the real difference is in professional lighting. Get the experts in. Expect to pay only around $400 for a photo shoot that takes a whole day and produces hundreds of useful shots. Professional images can be sized up and down without loss of quality.

2. Staging.

Not just for the photo shoot – for your guest comfort and for practical reasons of wear and tear. A lot of property owners when buying a rental will accept any old hand me down piece of furniture, thinking, “It’s good enough for the rental. It’ll get damaged anyway.” Ugh! Want to get great rates and great occupancy? Ditch the make do mindset and make it right for rental! Put quality furnishings and home goods into your rental. Stage appropriately. Do not over-clutter and don’t over personalize. Think high end hotel suite – simple, clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and quality soft furnishings.

1. Rates Not Competitive or Dynamic.

The, “Comps” rule the marketplace in short term rentals just like real estate sales. Check out your competition. Not just down the street, online too. Are you pricing yourself out of your market? Your rates can be too high, or suspiciously too low. The only thing constant in life is change. Things change. Your rates should do likewise. Be wise enough to watch your occupancy numbers, and those of your competition, and adjust your rates on the fly accordingly.

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