Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach Homes

The first flock of snowbirds has been sighted returning north for the summer. Spring is so close, we can practically smell the mulch! Garden centers will soon be stocked in readiness for our needs. If you own a beach home, what to plant for visual appeal, but low-maintenance so that you don’t spend your beach time doing yard work, or your guests don’t check in to a mess of shattered expectations.

Here are our Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach Homes

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesDay Lily

A favorite snack for deer, which thankfully are not an issue in our beach towns! Day Lilly come in a host of bright colors to balance the lush green foliage. They will thrive anywhere you plant them, need no maintenance, can brave the longest of dry spells with a remarkable heat tolerance, and  will spread to fill a flower bed.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesHydrangea

Got a large area to cover inexpensively? Plant one small hydrangea plant every 3 feet, and watch them fill your entire area with fast growth the first few years before topping out at around 5 feet x 5 feet. The large leaves are enjoyed all summer long, with a stunning display of heavy blooms all summer long.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesRosemary

This fragrant, bushy herb originates from Mediterranean climates and can withstand extremes of temperature, and long arid spells in weather. A relatively slow growing, non-spreading perennial that can be used to fill in gaps in the flower garden, add edging to entrance pathways, or even trail over a retaining wall. Plant close to the house so your guests can snip for grilling and cooking. Enjoy the dark green leaves and occasional violet flowers. Trim once a year in the early spring to keep it at 1 foot height, or let it do its thing and top out at around 3 feet. Rosemary will go dormant and brownish in color during the tough winter months, returning to green each spring.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesLavender

There’s a reason you see so much lavender in beach gardens. This fragrant flowering herb loves sandy soils and can withstand temperature and sun extremes. It can also stand long dry spells. Similar to Rosemary, Lavender can make for a lovely short fence, or entrance path liner. Let the foliage brush against your legs as you enter your home, and enjoy the burst of calming fragrance. Don’t be afraid to snip off the edible flowers for baking, or cocktails! Trim back once a year in the Fall by 2/3, and that’s it! Lavender will survive the harshest of mid-Atlantic winters.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesSiberian Iris

What’s not to love? These long growing season perennials come in a multitude of colors: blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and white. When the flowers are done, you’ll get a long show of the upright, tongue-like leaves to lengthen your garden display. Topping out around 2 to 4 feet, they will spread to fill your yard and can tolerate shade to full sun, and a variety of soil types. They make great cut flowers to welcome your guests.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesGlobe Thistle

Long thought of as a weed, this remarkable, low maintenance plant will stun with a season-long display of steel blue globe shaped flowers the size of a golf ball. The flowers top gracefully curved stems above thistle dark green leaves. Again, make great cut flower additions to a guest welcome vase. Dry, sandy soils are perfect for these beauties.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesEchinacea (Coneflowers)

Very hardy brightly colored long stemmed additions to your low-maintenance beach yard. Easy to grow, requiring no attention other than an annual Fall clean up. Tolerant to absolutely everything – weather, bugs, small children! Loved by butterflies, birds, and bees. Add to your guest welcome bouquet.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach Homes


While these plants will thrive in a wet, shady area, we’ve had tremendous success with these guys in direct sun and dry conditions in our beach home yard. Admired for their graceful feathery plumes of flowers in many colors. The blooms will last from spring to late summer leaving a fall display of charming deep green foliage. Don’t dead head the blooms since they turn a lovely caramel color for fall gardens.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach HomesGolden Rod

Looking for a stunning burst of color to carry your garden through from late summer into fall? This hardy drought tolerant perennial is perfect for low-maintenance beach yards. Attracts butterflies.

Top Ten Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Beach Homes

Large Decorative Grasses

Don’t be fooled by the small weedy looking grass transplants on sale at your local garden center! Many of the decorative perennial grasses will quickly fill the largest of spaces. Requiring no care other than an annual trim back and a thinning every five years, there is enough variety in this family to please any eye. Go for Zebra tones, purples, greens, variegated varieties, the towering plumes of pampas. Drought and sun tolerant.

For low-maintenance care around plants, put down a layer of weed-prevention landscaping fabric, then place rocks, pebbles, clam shells, or mulch on top as an attractive weed control layer.


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