Vacation Like a Movie Star – Liz Taylor Palm Springs House on the Vacation Rental Market!

It’s listing season for vacation rental properties!

Once a year we’re officially ‘allowed’ to solicit for listings, although not for any dates currently covered by a contract with another agency.

The beach may have gone quiet and bookings slow down with the occasional vacancy. However, we in the ‘biz’ are bizzier than evah! Rates are being set for 2016, renewals are being, ‘renewed.’ We’re also hustling to pick up new listings.

This ‘listing’ crossed my desk this morning. You can quote me on this! If we were to get this listing I would open a Palm Springs office for Seachange Vacation Rentals!

Liz Taylor’s Palm Springs House on the Vacation Rental Market

Here’s a flyer I created for our listing mailing next week. You can see the testimonials (credits) from our 2015 Property Owners and Guests. If you own a property in downtown Rehoboth or Dewey Beach and are considering a change of management for 2016, or are new to the vacation rentals business entirely, then give us a call. We take the fear out of renting your property.

List with Seachange Vacation Rentals

As always, if you’re currently listed with another Agency for 2016, then this is not a solicitation for your business. And if you haven’t yet listed with another Agency (or renewed), then what are y’all waiting for? Christmas will be here sooner! Give us a call and see the benefit from our services.

Again, here’s ‘That Listing!’

Liz Taylor’s Palm Springs House on the Vacation Rental Market

Peace, Love, and Beach Houses y’all.