Vacation Rental Guide to Bedding

Seachange Vacation Rentals Guide to Bedding 2021 Edition

Introduction – Guest Bedding The The Seachange Way!

Guest Bedding – Why Should I Care?

Owning and operating a vacation rental property for paying Guests is a business. To be specific – a hospitality business centered around a real estate asset.

Just like any business there are costs associated with doing business. You can pay for it up front, or one way or the other you will pay later in terms of negative impact on your business bottom line for neglecting it now. Savvy Owners know that if they do not allocate budget and invest in a sensible bedding solution when setting up their properties ahead of rental then the paying Guest will surely let them know down the road in terms of negative reviews and their effect on rental rate pricing, revenue, and repeat business.

Setting up a correct bedding program for your vacation rental property is critical in the time of COVID-19 and the requirements placed on Owners and Managers by Guests will likely stay around after COVID-19.

Even before COVID-19 it was an ‘open’ nasty secret that most bed toppers in vacation rentals went without laundering between Guests. This has always been unacceptable to Seachange Vacation Rentals. Our Guests deserve better. They deserve to book and stay in the comfortable knowledge that all bedding that directly touches a Guest’s body is installed freshly laundered with each new Guest check in. Period.

So dear Owners please invest the money up front in quality bedding that is designed for high volume Guest use. Commercial grade high quality hotel supply bedding is designed for consistent high standards of aesthetics, durability, and practicality of laundry. Seachange can help you with that!

Seachange Vacation Rentals is the only vacation rental management company at the Delaware Beaches that has developed a sensible, cost effective way for our Vacation Rental Property Owners not only to separate out more expensive highly personalized Owner bedding from Guest bedding, but also to manage the supply chain and housekeeeping management that goes along with it. We have learned the bedding lessons the hard way. Our intention with our Seachange Bedding Program is not to throw unnecessary costs or nitpicky requirements on our Owners that other companies would not. Our intention with the Seachange Bedding Program is to save our Owners money and return happy repeat paying Guests that our competition is losing by not having this difficult, practical conversation with their Owner clients and by not giving their Owner clients the guidance they were hired to provide.

The Seachange Owner Guide To Bedding

This guide is structured a little differently to our other Owner Guides since this guide is not really a guide in the true sense of the term. Instead this guide is an explanation of the Seachange approach to Guest bedding. It is more accurate to call this. “The Seachange Bedding Program.” If our Owners follow the Seachange Bedding Program then we can stay current with contemporary vacation rental Guest needs and stay ahead of the competition.

The Seachange Bedding Program Difference

High Standards of Quality, Fair Competitive Pricing, Aesthetics, Practicality and Hygiene

Our goal with our Bedding Guide is to help our Owners navigate practical, hotel-quality attractive bedding supplies for Guests that are easy to launder and maintain while giving pricing at a fraction of retail costs. We highly recommend that all of our Owners procure standard, consistent white commercial grade hotel-quality bedding through the Seachange Vacation Rentals Housekeeping Department. It is OK for our Owners to have bedding supplies to match their decor and tastes for personal use. We recommend our Owners keep this bedding locked in their Owner closets at the property. When Seachange anticipates an Owner arrival the Owner has the choice for Seachange staff to swap out the Guest bedding for the Owner personal bedding and replace with Guest bedding on Owner departure. Or the Owner may simply continue with the Guest bedding program and not have their own store of personal bedding.

Permanent Bedding Items that Remain at a Property Between Guests

The only ‘permanent’ items that remain on the bed between Guests are:

  • A zip up bed bug mattress cover.
  • Pillows. Pillows are very personal to each guest preference. Suggest two pillows per person per bed (one firm pillow and one medium/soft pillow). Suggest a hypo-allergenic down alternative fill. Pillows are inspected by Seachange Property Inspectors between Guests and replaced with new as needed.
  • Bed topper (duvet inserts, comforters, coverlets). Seachange requires the Owner purchase a commercial grade duvet insert at cost through Seachange. The bed toppers will be inserted into the removable commercial grade duvet covers described below. Bed toppers are inspected by Seachange Property Inspectors between Guests and replaced with new as needed.

Temporary Bedding Items that Come and Go with Each Guest

Seachange guarantees Guests that anything that touches a Guest body directly is removed at each check out, commercially disinfected and laundered, and delivered fresh for each subsequent Guest check in. These items are:

  • Removable commercial grade zip up cotton/poly blend pillow protectors. Owner purchases at cost from Seachange and Seachange coordinates commercial disinfectant and laundry at Guest cost. Pillow covers are removed for commercial disinfecting and launder after each Guest stay and replaced with clean. Laundry costs are paid by Guests.
  • Removable commercial grade cotton/poly blend duvet covers inside which the permanent bed topper currently on the bed (existing properties) or the commercial grade duvet insert (newly listed or upgrading properties) will be inserted by Seachange Property Inspectors. Owner purchases at cost from Seachange. Duvet covers are removed for commercial disinfecting and launder after each Guest stay and replaced with clean. Laundry costs are paid by Guests.
  • Sheets and pillow cases. Rented from and disinfected and laundered with a local linen supplier at Guest cost.

I’m An Existing Seachange Client – Do I Need to Buy New Bedding – You did Not Make Me Last Year (2020)?

Short answer is, “Yes, and No! For the 2021 Summer Season and onward you do/do not!”

In 2020 when we were developing our new Bedding Program we began the program as a pilot program. During the pilot for any existing Owners already listed with Seachange we allowed the Owners to keep their current bed toppers already in place (duvets, comforters, coverlets, blankets etc.). We simply encased whatever was already on the bed into one of our pilot program standard duvet covers ensuring that the covers were laundered between Guests.

One curious thing we noticed during the pilot is that Guests will sometimes remove the duvet covers during their stay. Perhaps a child or pet soiled the cover and the Guest tried to launder at the property? That was our best guess anyway! Regardless we arrived at the decision point that when it is obvious a duvet cover has been removed (or not used), we had to send the bed topper out for laundry between Guests also. Not only did this mean that Seachange had to curate a cache of loaner bed toppers to use while the original is at laundry, but we also hit another problem. Once a custom patterned bed topper is removed from a property and sent out for laundry, it is very difficult to track the same bed topper back to the original property or even the same bedroom at the property. Our Owners get very upset when visiting for personal use of their properties to see a cherished, favorite, “Expensive” piece of bedding has now, “Gone missing!”

Now that we’re fully rolling out our Bedding Program in 2021, we are giving our current Owners a while to replace their current bed toppers with Seachange sourced duvet inserts. We will continue to insert your current bed topper into a new Seachange source duvet cover. As current bedding wears out or the Owner wants to replace then we will require a replacement through our Housekeeping Bedding Program inventory. The only exception are blankets. All blankets currently at Seachange properties need to be removed or replaced with Seachange sourced blankets. We cannot continue to launder and return the variety of blankets currently at properties.

Current Seachange Owners – if you do not want to keep your current bedding we would be happy to source you new bedding through our Housekeeping Bedding Program.

All new Owners in the process of joining Seachange or coming to Seachange in the future will be required to source bedding through our Housekeeping Bedding Program. Why wouldn’t you? It costs you less for better quality!

Why Do I Have to Buy All White Bedding Through Seachange?

Our Bedding Program that runs through our Housekeeping Department is the best solution to Guest bedding. It allows our Owners to get ahead of the competition that is not attending to issues of hygiene, costs, aesthetics, and practicality.

Having the same high quality bedding at all Seachange managed properties gives the Guest a comfort level booking a property with Seachange. It gives your property a competitive edge in a landscape where most vacation rental Owners and Managers are ignoring this key element of a well run vacation rental.

Seachange has negotiated very good wholesale pricing on commercial grade hotel bedding. We pass those prices onto our Owners allowing a quality, consistent bedding solution at a fraction of the cost of the Owner buying their own at retail pricing.

Seachange recommends the same white hotel bedding and even the same blankets at all of our properties for practical reasons. When each property has its own patterned bedding chosen by the Owner to match their decor and personal tastes it is next to impossible for the Property Manager to track bedding back to the same property or even the same bedroom once it is removed for laundry. Buying consistent bedding from the Seachange Housekeeping Department all the same brand, color, pattern, quality, and pricing means that our Owners not only can control cost but Seachange can manage laundry efficiently. We do not guarantee the same bedding item will return to the property it was pulled from. We do guarantee when an item is pulled for laundry it is replaced with the exact same brand, color, price, and quality.

Why Do You Make Me Buy Two of Some Bedding Items?

The real answer is that we really need you to buy three of some items! However, we recognize that we’re placing a cost on our Owners that you might not fully appreciate the need for since you’re not dealing directly with the level of Guest feedback and booking inquiries that we are. So, we cut the scale back and require two, not three of some items.

The reason for multiple items is to have one clean on the bed when the Guest arrives and one dirty out at laundry to return for the next Guest. It would make our Housekeeping so much more efficient if we had three of some items with an additional copy kept locked at a secure Housekeeping closet at each property to be used for emergencies and laundry problems. Seachange, at least for 2021, will pick up some of the costs to help our Owners by purchasing additional bedding inventory to use as emergency spares. Due to limited storage our emergency stash will be limited.

What Happens to the Bedding I Bought if I Leave Seachange?

Any item that is not currently at the property will be replaced from current inventory pulled for laundry. For example, if you purchased two king duvet inserts and there is only one at the property when you leave Seachange, we will pull one from Housekeeping laundry inventory to top you up! Wait though, why do you want to leave us? We have the best bedding program in town!

What Happens if a Guest Damages Bedding? Will You Make Me Buy More?

Just as with any home furnishing, there is a reasonable life expectation for bedding also. If we find that a Guest has damaged a piece of bedding due to negligence or willful act and this lowers the reasonable lifespan of a piece of bedding then the Guest will be charged to purchase a new piece just like any non-accidental damage is handled today.

Recognize, however, that all items in the home have an expected timeframe of usability. You should also expect to replace Guest bedding as it reaches the end of its reasonable use period. Heavy volume laundry takes its toll even on commercial grade bedding. We cannot promise you that you will never have to buy replacements. We can promise you that we will be good stewards of the Guest bedding in your home just like anything else you place in our care.

Vacation Rental Staging Guide to Bedding 2021 Edition

This year we brought the bedding configuration for our sample property in at a total cost of $1820.77.

Please let us know if we missed anything on this guide.

Our sample property assumes 8 Guests in a 4-bedroom property newly listed with Seachange and the following bed configuration:

  • Bedroom 1 – one king bed.
  • Bedroom 2 – one king bed.
  • Bedroom 3 – one queen bed.
  • Bedroom 4 – two twin beds.

If you have a bedding configuration different to the above, then here are our current costs for each item. Property Owners are reminded that this is our current pricing and is subject to change by our suppliers. Occasionally we may need to add a slight premium onto the cost of each item to cover shipping costs to our facilities: 

  • King (total cost per bed $442.99):
    • Zip up bed bug mattress cover x 2 @ $54.95 each.
    • Pillow, medium/soft x 2 @ $12 each.
    • Pillow, firm x 2 @ $15.50 each.
    • Pillow protector x 8 @ $2.25 each.
    • Duvet insert x 2 @ $35 each.
    • Duvet cover x 2 @ $35 each.
    • Blanket x 2 @ $50 each.
  • Queen (total cost per bed $372.49):
    • Zip up bed bug mattress cover x 2 @ $49.95 each.
    • Pillow, medium/soft x 2 @ $10.75 each.
    • Pillow, firm x 2 @ $12.50 each.
    • Pillow protector x 8 @ $2 each.
    • Duvet insert x 2 @ $30 each.
    • Duvet cover x 2 @ $30 each.
    • Blanket x 2 @ $45 each.
  • Full (total cost per bed $352.49):
    • Full zip up bed bug mattress cover x 2 @ $44.95 each.
    • Pillow, medium/soft x 2 @ $10.75 each.
    • Pillow, firm x 2 @ $12.50 each.
    • Pillow protector x 8 @ $2 each.
    • Duvet insert x 2 @ $30 each.
    • Duvet cover x 2 @ $30 each.
    • Blanket x 2 @ $40 each.
  • Twin (total cost per bed $281.15):
    • Zip up bed bug mattress cover x 2 @ $39.95 each.
    • Pillow, medium/soft x 1 @ $10.75 each.
    • Pillow, firm x 1 @ $12.50 each.
    • Pillow protector x 4 @ $2 each.
    • Twin duvet insert x 2 @ $25 each.
    • Twin duvet cover x 2 @ $25 each.
    • Blanket x 2 @ $35 each.

Don’t forget your sleeper sofas. Seachange Vacation Rentals does not recommend futons, bunk beds, day beds,  and trundles but if you have them and are transitioning them out of your vacation rental property then don’t forget bedding for them too.

Seachange Vacation Rentals recommends that our Property Owners purchase these bedding items directly through the Seachange Housekeeping Department. We have negotiated very good wholesale pricing on commercial grade hotel bedding. We see these same items for sale on retail websites for five times the cost!

Zip Up Bed Bug Mattress Protectors

bed bug mattress protector

King bed bug mattress protector: 
$54.95 each

bed bug mattress protector

Queen bed bug mattress protector: 
$49.95 each

bed bug mattress protector

Full bed bug mattress protector: 
$44.95 each

bed bug mattress protector

Twin bed bug mattress protector: 
$39.95 each


down alternative pillows

King medium pillow: 
$12 each

down alternative pillows

King firm pillow: 
$15.50 each

down alternative pillows

Standard medium pillow: 
$10.75 each

down alternative pillows

Standard firm pillow: 
$12.50 each

Pillow Protectors

Pillow ProtectorKing pillow protector:
$2.25 each

Pillow ProtectorStandard pillow protector:
$2 each

Duvet Inserts

Duvet InsertKing duvet insert:
$35 each

Duvet InsertQueen duvet insert:
$30 each

Duvet InsertFull duvet insert:
$30 each

Duvet InsertTwin duvet insert:
$25 each

Duvet Covers

Duvet CoverKing duvet cover:
$35 each

Duvet CoverQueen duvet cover:
$30 each

Duvet CoverFull duvet cover:
$30 each

Duvet CoverTwin duvet cover:
$25 each


Hospitality Star Blanket

King blanket: 
$50 each

Hospitality Star Blanket

Queen blanket: 
$45 each

Hospitality Star Blanket

Full blanket: 
$40 each

Hospitality Star Blanket

Twin blanket: 
$35 each

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