Vacation Rental Staging Guide to Kitchens

Seachange Vacation Rentals Staging Guide to Kitchens 2021 Edition

Welcome to Seachange Vacation Rentals’ annual Vacation Rental Staging Guide to Kitchens 2021 Edition. Each year we review and update our staging guides and make available to our property owners. This guide is a list of basic items necessary to stock a vacation rental kitchen. Surveys show that a well-stocked kitchen is the number 1 item that guests look for in vacation rental properties and yes, Guests cook. A lot!

2021 Edition we brought the guide in at a total cost of $2031.14.

Here was the cost in prior years:

  • 2020 – $1996.54.
  • 2019 – $1162.38.
  • 2018 – $1614.25.

This may seem like a lot of money, and it is. Remember that your vacation rental property is a business and should be treated as such! There are costs of doing business that are worth the upfront investment and will more than pay off in guest satisfaction, guest reviews, optimal rates, occupancy, and revenue. We assume that an owner is stocking their kitchen from scratch. You may already own some, or all of these items. You may be able to source from alternative suppliers and get better pricing. For this 2020 Edition, we sourced from Prime with free shipping. We created a shopping list on for these items, however, this guide does not imply support of any one supplier. 

We assume 8 Guests. This means that some items will need to be bought in multiples. We’ve indicated where this is necessary and adjusted costs accordingly.

Please be aware of the following:

  • We recommend white, and/or minimally patterned items since we find that these match any decor and are easier to maintain.
  • Pay careful attention to the photographs and buy similar items. Where the photograph shows an item with a lid: buy the item with a lid. If the photograph shows ceramic, stainless steel/aluminum, non-stick etc: buy the same finish/coating.
  • Pans – saucepans, fry pans etc.. We always recommend stainless steel. Avoid non stick coated pans. Even the higher end expensive non stick pans will not hold up to vacation rental Guest use. They will get all scratched up and hit your reviews negatively after only a few Guest stays. Stainless steel will last longer and can be periodically cleaned by our Housekeeping using Barkeeper’s Friend to remove built up stains.
  • We cover small appliances only. We assume the property already has a dishwasher, oven and stove top, microwave, and fridge-freezer with an icemaker.
  • Coffee makers. Do not go cheap with this small appliance. No need either to outfit your property with a complicated Italian espresso Rolls Royce machine! Guests overwhelmingly favor amenities that are well made, simply designed, and easy to use. We recommend the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew combination drip and K-cup machine. It retails $79 – $129. It is a multi-functional, well-made, easy to use beast of a machine that so far none of our Guests have been able to break! Regular drip coffee machines in the $20 – $50 range rarely seem to last beyond a few Guests before something breaks on them.
  • Acrylic and plastic items are included for outdoor dining and for areas with a pool and/or hot tub.
  • If we found a better price buying similar items grouped into a set, then we bought the set. If you see an item with a zero price, then it means it was purchased as part of a set.

Please let us know if we missed anything on this guide.

Vacation Rental Staging Guide to Kitchens 2021 Edition

Bakeware: Cost $188.54

Baking Set Trays

Large/medium non-stick baking trays:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Baking Set - Loaf Pan

Non-stick rectangular loaf pan:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Baking Set - Brownie Pan

Non-stick square brownie pan:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Baking Set - 24 count muffin pan

24 count non-stick muffin pan:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Baking set - 12 count muffin pan

12 count non-stick muffin pan:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Baking set - 2 round cake pans

Two non-stick round cake pans:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Pizza baking tray

Large 14″ non-stick pizza pan:

Baking set - lasagne pan

Large non-stick roasting/lasagne pan:
$0 (part of a $72.99 set)

Set glass mixing bowls

9-piece stackable glass mixing bowl set:

Glass Measuring jug

1-cup glass measuring jug:

Set 2 glass pie dishes

Set two 9.5″ glass pie dishes:

Set 2 Glass Baking Dishes

Set two glass casserole/baking dishes:

Cook utensil set - measuring spoons

Set four measuring spoons:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - measuring cups

Set four measuring cups:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Set 3 sieves

Set three sieves:

Cookware: Cost $472.62

Meat roasting pan with tray

16.5″x12.5″ non-stick v-rack meat roasting pan:

Saucepan set

1 Quart Saucepan with cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

2 Quart Saucepan w/Glass Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

3 Quart Saucepan w/Glass Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

3.5 Quart Sauté Pan w/Glass Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

4 Quart Dutch Oven w/Glass Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

8 Quart Stock/Pasta/Crab Pot w/Glass Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

8″ Skillet:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

10″ Skillet:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

12″ Skillet w/Glass Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Saucepan set

20cm Steamer Insert w/Cover:
$0 (part of $199.00 cookware set)

Over sink metal colander

Over the sink stainless steel colander/strainer:

Block knife set

Cuisinart 15-piece knife block set with kitchen scissors

Swivel vegetable peeler

Swivel vegetable peeler:

Cook utensil set - potato masher

Potato masher:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - can opener

Can opener:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - pizza cutter

Pizza cutter:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - large ladle

Large Ladle:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - serving spoon

Basting/serving spoon:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - slotted spoon

Slotted spoon:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - slotted flipper

Slotted flipper:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Cook utensil set - flat flipper

Flat flipper:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Slotted angled fish spatula

Angled fish spatula:

Cook utensil set - balloon whisk

Balloon whisk:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Ice cream scoop

2 1/4 inch trigger ice cream scoop:

Box grater

Box grater:

Silicone spatula set

Silicone spatula set:

Silicone spatula set

Basting brush:
$0 (part of $10.99 silicone spatula set)

Bamboo cook utensils

Set bamboo cook tools:

Set 3 plastic chopping boards

Set 3 small, medium, large chopping boards:

Salad Spinner

Salad spinner:

Reversible stove top griddle

Reversible stove top griddle:

Glassware/Barware: Cost $221.82

Set beer/water glasses

Set ten water/beer glasses:

Set wine glasses

Two sets of four stemless wine glasses: 

Set 6 martini glasses

Two sets of six Martini glasses 

Set 8 Champagne Flutes

Set of eight Champagne flutes 

Cocktail shaker set

Stainless steel martini shaker set:

Hand held citrus squeezer

Citrus squeezer:

Citrus zester/channel knife:

Utensil set - corkscrew/bottle opener

Corkscrew/bottle opener:
$0 (part of $36.99 28-piece cooking utensil set)

Tableware: Cost $249.54

Flatware set

Flatware cutlery set for 8:

Silverware tray

Silverware storage tray:

Dining set

Dinnerware set for 8 including coffee mugs:

Set 2 serving bowls

Set 2  large serving bowls:

Serving utensil set

Set serving utensils:

Set 2 serving tongs

Set serving tongs:

Set 4 gray placemats

Two sets of 4 placemats:

Set 6 coasters

Two sets of 6 coasters:

Salt and Pepper grinder set

Salt and pepper grinders:

Set 2 white oven mitts

Set two white oven mitts:

Outdoor Dining: Cost $216.06

Outdoor dining set for 4

Two sets of 4 servings melamine outdoor dining sets:

Set outdoor glasses

Two sets of 4 outdoor water/beer, and juice ‘glasses’:

Set 8 outdoor stemless wine glasses

Set of 8 outdoor stemless wine ‘glasses’:

Outdoor water jug with lid

Outdoor serving jug:

Outdoor melamine serving trays

Set two 17 inch melamine outdoor serving trays:

Set 2 outdoor serving bowls

Set two 11 inch melamine outdoor serving bowls:

Set 6 outdoor food screens

Set 6 outdoor food screens:

Set BBQ grill tools

Set grill tools:

Storage: Cost $19.99

Set storage containers

Set Rubbermaid food storage containers:

Small Appliances: Cost $278.94


Countertop kitchen blender:

Food processor

Countertop 12-cup kitchen food processor:


Wide slot cool touch toaster:

Flexbrew coffee maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee machine:

Electric tea kettle

Electric tea kettle with auto shut off and burn dry protection:

6 quart Crockpot

6-quart family size crock pot:

Housekeeping: Cost $383.63


Steam Iron:

Ironing board

Ironing board:

Oreck vacuum cleaner

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL, Blue:

Stand up broom and pan

Long handle broom and dustpan set:

Paper towel stand

Paper towel holder stand:

Kitchen trash and recycle bin

Dual can step-on lid 16 gallon kitchen trash cans (one for trash, one for recycle):

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