Welcome Starter Pack – Yes or No

Rehoboth Beach vacation rentalsSo we’ve been test piloting something new in 4 of our properties for several weeks now.

We’ve been adding guest welcome packs. A starter set of essentials that will tide a guest over until they can get out to the market to stock up.

We’ve been tracking guest usage of these packs and, also if guests comment on them.

The jury is out on the contents – we’re still fine tuning.

The jury is out on whether or not guests find these starter packs useful. Most guest stays most of the starter pack items get used. Some stays the packs are left politely, and neatly stacked in a corner of the kitchen. Only 1 guest has specifically mentioned the pack and how much it helped them. This particular guest had arrived late during a heavy summer thunderstorm and was appreciative that they did not immediately have to run to the store.

Our pack contents:

  • One roll paper towels.
  • a 4-pack of bathroom tissue.
  • Small tube of sunscreen.
  • Reynolds wrap.
  • 6-pack Glad storage bags.
  • 6-pack 13 gallon kitchen trash bags.
  • 3-pack pot scrubbers.
  • Small bottle of hand dish washing liquid.
  • 3-pack of dishwasher tabs.
  • Small bottle of laundry detergent.
  • Small bottle of fabric softener.
  • 1lb ground coffee.
  • Cookie and chip assortment.
  • Local city guide.

How are we doing on the starter pack contents? Can you think of anything we should add, or remove? Should we, for example, add a loaf of bread, 2% milk, eggs, and butter in the kitchen refrigerator?

Do you see value in providing this at all?