What Delaware Beaches Allow Drive on Fishing? Tips and Tricks!

Everybody has different ideas of what the perfect vacation is. In many cases, it is all about being in a tropical destination with gorgeous beaches and clear blue water. For others, it’s all about historical sightseeing and learning about the world. However, others prefer a different kind of vacation, and we could really get behind it!

Fishing might not be for everyone, but when you are a seasoned angler or just someone looking to try out a new hobby, fishing can be the perfect mix of adventure, adrenaline, and relaxation all in one.

In many cases, fishing is a hobby that can be done anywhere that there is a body of water. Still, we believe that some of the best fishing can happen from the shores of the nearby Delaware Beaches! 

Luckily, in Delaware, many beaches allow drive-on fishing! You can enjoy staying at several fabulous Rehoboth Beach rentals without having to worry about traveling far for a drive-on beach fishing experience. 

Prepare Your Vehicle

We highly recommend preparing your vehicle if you plan on taking part in a surf-fishing experience. Whether you are driving your own car or plan on taking a rental vehicle down to the beach, you need to make sure to do a few things beforehand. 

Make sure that you have a vehicle that has 4-Wheel Drive. Having this option will make it much easier to cruise through the sand. The hard-packed sand will be accessible by all vehicles, but traveling through the softer sand requires a 4-wheel drive. With this in mind, we also suggest reducing the tire pressure in your tires. Letting a little air out of your tires will offer you better traction to safely maneuver across the sand. 

Understand the tides and be sure to get off the beach when the wave starts to come in. Also, try to stay close to the water, but not too close. The area of sand between the high tide line and the water has the heaviest packed sand, making it easy to drive on. If you are unsure, then try to follow the tire tracks from the other vehicles. 

Finally, be sure to give your car a good wash after you are done. The salty air and the sand have a way of creating rust on vehicles, so washing your vehicle after a surf-fishing experience is highly recommended. 

Permit Requirements/What Beaches Allow Drive On

Your biggest permit that you need to have, outside of your fishing permit, is a surf-fishing vehicle permit, which allows your vehicle access to the beaches that are open for drive-on fishing. Suppose you are unable to acquire one of these vehicle permits. In that case, you won’t be permitted to drive your vehicle onto the beach, but walk-on fishing is still an option. 

Our three main beaches are Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Seashore State Park, and Fenwick Island State Park. All of these beaches offer drive-on surf-fishing with the proper vehicle permit.

Plan Your Next Visit

Whether you are looking for an oceanfront rental or a cozier condo rental, there is sure to be something available that you will love. Just contact Seachange today and let our fantastic customer service team get you booked in a Delaware Beach house rental so you can make the next big catch!

Fishing Equipment and Bait

There are plenty of shops around the area that provide bait for those looking to fish the waters of Rehoboth. You are also able to purchase a wide variety of fishing equipment from these shops as well. However, suppose you are planning on fishing for the first time. In that case, we suggest asking if the shop offers equipment rental options instead of outright purchasing. 

Where To Stay

With so many incredible fishing adventures waiting, you need to find a relaxing place to call home when you are finished for the day. Seachange Vacation Rentals has many gorgeous Rehoboth Beach rentals with a pool available to suit any party size and any need you may have.