What is the Weather Like in the Delaware Beaches?

Think beach, and you’re likely to immediately think of warm weather, hot sand, and the sun blazing in a cloudless sky. While, of course, this is the ideal image of a beach, some beaches do not exist in perfect weather conditions year-round. But that’s not to say that you can’t visit the beach at any time of the year.

Delaware Beach weather is excellent throughout the year, but don’t expect 80-plus degree weather in November or 60-degree weather in June. However, you will find that much of the year is relatively comfortable.

You can book one of our Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals throughout the year and have a great time no matter the season.

Let’s take a closer look at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware weather, what you can expect in the area in each of the seasons, and where to find the best Delaware Beach condo rentals.

What are the Delaware Beaches

When we refer to the term, Delaware Beaches we are talking about the six beach towns situated along the Atlantic coast. These towns boast their own styles and personalities, varying beach sizes, attractions, and activities near each other.


With its origins stretching back to 1631, Lewes contains a lot of history within its borders. Words such as “quiet,” “charming,” and “friendly” are most commonly used to describe this area.

This small coastal town is a walking town; you can visit a museum, take in an art gallery, hit the historic district, browse through some shops, and dine at a fine restaurant without ever getting in your car. And, of course, there’s public Lewes Beach. Small but uncrowded, families love to gather here to swim, boat, and fish. If this type of vacation sounds up your alley, make sure to explore our Lewes vacation rentals.

Rehoboth Beach

Featuring the award-winning mile-long Rehoboth Beach boardwalk and stunning ocean view, Rehoboth Beach, while small like Lewes, is not as quiet. In fact, despite being one mile long and only three blocks wide, it’s the largest beach resort in Delaware and has been named “The Best Family Beach on the East Coast.”

The boardwalk has been called “One of the Nation’s Ten Great Coastal Boardwalks” by Coastal Living Magazine and “America’s Best Boardwalk” by American Profile Magazine. It was even named among “Top U.S. Boardwalks” by National Geographic Magazine.

You’ll find restaurants, shops, and amusements along the boardwalk like the Gravitron and a large carousel when vacationing in Rehoboth Beach. The beach, which can be accessed for no fee, is significant, and there’s room for the many families that flock to this beach during the warm months.

Rehoboth Beach weather does not impact the year-round attraction of this beach town; throughout the year, there are festivals, concerts, and other events during every season.

rehoboth beach with chairs
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Dewey Beach

With a population of less than 350, Dewey Beach is a bit smaller than Rehoboth Beach at one mile long and two blocks wide. Regardless, tens of thousands might visit this small unincorporated town during any summer.

Although it has a reputation as being a destination for party-seekers (it’s an excellent spot for the nightlife, with bars and live music), the expansive beach attracts families as well, and there are plenty of Dewey Beach rentals such as condos and cottages to house vacationers.

Bethany Beach

“Calming” is a thought that comes to mind when you come to Bethany Beach, home to quaint and low-key shops, beach houses, and a half-mile-long boardwalk. It’s thought to be less trendy than Rehoboth, and it brings in larger crowds than Lewes or Dewey.

Bethany Beach is, however, a family-friendly Delaware Beach attraction. It’s at once both laid-back and busy, and there are plenty of places to eat, shops to shop, and expansive beaches to enjoy. On the beach, you can swim, surf, build sandcastles, or soak in the sun during the warm summer months.

The boardwalk is famous for a walk or jog, and there are several restaurants and shops to attract visitors.

South Bethany Beach

In contrast to the more well-known Bethany Beach, South Bethany Beach is referred to as one of Delaware’s “best-kept secrets.”

With a relatively small mile-long beach, a few restaurants, and several large condos and private homes between Delaware Seashore State Park and Bethany Beach, South Bethany Beach may be the quietest town of the six beach towns comprising Delaware Beaches. 

But it’s a great family getaway for those who welcome a quiet, laid-back vacation.

Fenwick Island

Perhaps serene best describes Fenwick Island, an increasingly popular destination among vacationers to Delaware Beaches and the southernmost town of the Delaware Beaches. There are three miles of beaches, so crowding is not mainly a problem at Fenwick Island. There’s even a small boardwalk where you can enjoy pizza, ice cream, gourmet coffees, and fresh pretzels.

The beach offers a bathhouse with showers and changing rooms, a snack bar, and an area of rent umbrellas and beach chairs. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard near Assawoman Bay, accessible from the beach.

Plan Your Trip

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Breakdown of Delaware Beach Weather

As you would expect, June – August is the hottest, most humid months on the Delaware coast, and December – February the coldest, with rain and snow chances.

Here’s what you can expect weather-wise in the Delaware Beaches:

  • Spring (March-May): with primarily moderate temperatures, Spring in the Delaware Beaches can be somewhat humid, which helps to make the temperatures feel comfortable. Temps range between the lower 80s and upper 40s, and there are good rain chances during this season.
  • Summer (June – August): Hot and humid weather can hit the Delaware Beaches during the summer months; if you can take the mugginess, the temperatures themselves are not unbearable, with average temperatures around 76 degrees and the hottest month, July, averaging only 83 degrees.
  • Fall (September – November): September and October have mostly cool, comfortable temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees; November can get quite cool and even cold, falling to 45 degrees and below. The humidity and wind are moderate.
  • Winter (December – February): while not as frigid as winters can be in some other parts of the country, the winter months in the Delaware Beaches may not particularly be for warm-weather seekers. Average daily temperatures fall between 41 and 53 degrees, and it can rain or snow up to eight times each month.

Your Delaware Beach Vacation Rental

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