What’s Happening with Bedding?

A quick catch up. Seachange has broken bedding down to:

  • Inside the bed temporary items (mattress pads, sheets, pillow cases, and pillow protectors) that get replaced with each Guest stay. With the exception of pillow protectors, Guests currently pay to rent these items from a linen supplier locally and we arrange.
  • Top of the bed semi-permanent items – comforters, coverlets, and duvets that we used to swap out when visibly stained.
  • Permanent items – zip up bed bug barrier mattress protectors, and pillows. These items stay on the bed and replaced as needed –

COVID-19 has forced us to address the issue of semi-permanent items that do not get washed between Guest stays. This is no longer acceptable and all items that directly touch a Guest’s body need to be removed for professional laundry and replaced with disinfected, clean items each new Guest arrival. We believe that this requirement will continue after COVID-19 clears hence Seachange has looked hard for a permanent solution of minimal cost to our Owners.

Seachange has secured excellent wholesale pricing on commercial grade hotel quality bedding. We can procure everything from zip up bed bug barrier mattress covers, through pillows, pillow protectors, duvet inserts, and duvet covers. Our pricing is one-fifth of typical retail pricing.

The solution that Seachange has begun implementing with all new properties listing with us for the first time is to purchase entire bedding sets through our wholesaler – zip up bed bug barrier mattress covers, through pillows, pillow protectors, duvet inserts, and duvet covers.

For all properties currently listed with us, Seachange has recognized that due to COVID-19 money is very tight for all this year. Hence we have arranged a temporary solution allowing Owners to keep using whatever bed topper is currently on the bed (comforters, coverlets, duvets, and pillows), and simply inserting that into washable duvet covers and pillow protectors purchased through our wholesale supplier. Then, for 2021 we will need to migrate all properties towards standard duvet inserts as opposed to the mish mash of bedding toppers currently in place. We suggest that Owners keep their current bed toppers and simply lock away at the property in Owner closets for personal use during Owner Time blocks.

So, all caught up then? What’s the status on bedding roll out for 2020?

  1. Pillow protectors – all sizes are in stock at suppliers and have arrived at our facility. We have begun rolling out with arrivals. Check your Owner Statements and you will see pillow protectors itemized as, “COVID Pillow Protectors, Part 1 of 2, Part 2 of 2.”
  2. Duvet Covers – king and full sizes are in stock at suppliers and have arrived at our facility. We have begun We have begun rolling out king duvet covers with arrivals. Check your Owner Statements and you will see duvet covers itemized as, “COVID King Duvet Covers.” We have an issue with full duvet covers meaning that we cannot use them until we convert over to full duvet inserts next season. Why? The standard retail bed toppers currently in place at properties are mostly not true ‘full’ size. They are queen size on a full bed. Our commercial hotel full duvet covers are true full size. For those with full beds, due to the large size of the bedding order, we cannot carry the cost for the order until next year. Hence, check your Owner Statements and we will be billing you now for duvet covers that we will be using next season.
  3. Duvet Covers – queen and twin size. Due to horrific customer service at our original bedding supplier, we currently do not have these items at our facility. We had a committed order with our original supplier and the sales rep let part of our inventory commitment go to another customer and now queen and twin duvet covers are out of stock, not only at our original supplier, but also at every other supplier. We expect availability around mid August. Notice that I say, “Original supplier.” I got so upset that the sales rep. did this I cancelled our entire (large) order and transferred it to another supplier who met their pricing, at least for king and full which were in stock.
  4. Commercial Laundry Facilities – we have contracted with a local hotel to pick up and launder the commercial bedding – pillow protectors and duvet covers. We have toured the facilities and all looks on track. For summer 2020 we will be billing Owner accounts for this laundry. For 2021 we will be passing this laundry cost onto the Guests. We expect this laundry cost to be around $50 per turnover.
  5. For properties newly listed with us – all required bedding items have been ordered at our cost from our suppliers. Using a queen bed as an example, the cost to our Owners of ordering the following is $236.48. I challenge you to even find one regular retail priced comforter set for this entire duplicate bedding set!
  • Zip up bed bug barrier waterproof mattress protector (two per bed).
  • Pillows – two down alternative fill per person per bed (one firm, one medium/soft.
  • Pillow protectors – two per pillow.
  • Duvet inserts – two per bed.
  • Duvet covers – two per bed.