Where is Rehoboth Beach Located?

When some people think of the beach, they think of Mexico, the Caribbean, or somewhere else far from home, but not you. You think of the Atlantic Northeast because you know that we have great beaches, too – beaches that are warm and buzzing with activity, particularly in the summertime. Ok, so the sand may not be quite as white as the beaches of an exotic island, but the towns are quaint and you can still have plenty of fun in the sun.

Rehoboth Beach is one of those fun northeastern beaches. Located in Delaware near the south end of the state, this seaside town has sandy beaches, lots of cute Delaware vacation rentals, and plenty of small-town American charm.

Aerial view of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

3 Closest Airports to Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is located close to three airports: two for private planes and charters, and one for regional air travel.

  • Delaware Coastal Airport (25 minutes) – as the name suggests, this private and charter plane airport serves Delaware’s coastal towns. The airport is located less than 30 minutes west of Rehoboth Beach, a distance of about 20 miles. To get to Rehoboth from the Delaware Coastal Airport, take the U.S. 9 west to Belltown where it turns into Highway 1.
  • New Castle County, DE, Airport (1:45) – located in upstate Delaware, the New Castle Airport is available for private aircraft. Take the Coastal Highway, which runs the length of the state, south to Rehoboth Beach.
  • Salisbury-Ocean City, MD, Regional Airport (55 minutes) – though Salisbury-Ocean City Regional Airport is actually in Maryland, it is the closest airport available to the public. Once you land, rent a car at one of the rental agencies and drive about an hour northeast to Rehoboth Beach.

If you’re up for a bit of a road trip, the Philadelphia and Baltimore-Washington international airports are located just two hours away. 

Best Way to Get to Rehoboth from D.C.

Less than three hours from Washington, D.C., Rehoboth is a favorite destination for legislators, diplomats, and government workers. It’s also a popular weekend trip for those visiting historic D.C. Fly into D.C.’s international airport, explore the city’s many museums, then enjoy a few days at the beach.

To get to Rehoboth from D.C., take the U.S. 50 due east to Sandy Point, where you’ll cross a bridge over beautiful the Chesapeake Bay to Kent Island. Continue along with the 50 until you reach the town of Wye Mills, and continue east on highway 404. Get off the 404 at highway 16 and you’ll enter the state of Delaware. From here, you’ll stay on highway 16 until you hit the Coastal Highway, which takes you to the town of Rehoboth. Then follow the signs to the beach!

How to Get to Rehoboth Beach from Philadelphia

The drive from Philadelphia to Rehoboth winds along the Delaware River along Delaware Bay. Take the I-95 south along the river until you pass Christiana Mall. Then take Highway 1 south to Rehoboth. This route has plenty of quaint towns, where you can stop and grab a bite to eat along the way. The western riverbank is home to a number of parks and wildlife reserves. Take the scenic route along Highway 9 and visit one or two on the way down.

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